Monday, December 27, 2010

A Wonderful Christmas.

Our Christmas was wonderful, I hope yours was too. I've been signed off for these past couple of days, in fact I am still super busy but wanted to do a quick post here. Celeste made out like a bandit as per usual, with new dolls, clothes, and a doll house. She got a pink peacoat, which made her so excited since she now has a coat like her mama! We also tried to put her hair in curlers, but she decided they were itchy and I had to take them out.
I made my first ever apple pie, I picked up a pampered chef apple corer/peeler at the thrift store and have been dying to use it. And I also made my first ever red velvet cake. It was delish, but I may try sour cream in the batter next time. You know how red velvet can get a little dry. Off to make some peppermint ice cream, XO.

1 comment:

  1. That family photo is too cute! We love our apple peeler/corer too! (did I just make up words?)
    ours is the kind you can suction to the counter.



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