Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Studio- Before and After's

I can't even express into words how unbelieveably happy I am to have finally pulled this space together! When we first bought our home just over a year ago I was eagerly looking forward to planning my own perfect space to do all the lovely creative things I love to do. Many, many other little things around the home garnered my attention, as well as my funds, and my little studio was left all by itself, in the back of the house. It slowly became a gathering ground for all the little things I couldn't deal with right away, like stacks of papers, unhung photo frames and a set of chairs to a dining room table that isn't being used in the dining room!
These two shots are "before", but when it was clean! The roll top desk was my great grandfathers, and I absolutely adore that I have it. But it isn't a very functional work top for the sort of things I do, like scrapbooking and painting. So I moved it to the living room. And now Celeste has somewhere to do her homework, rather than the dining room table.
 The pillow in the chair is sort of my "inspiration" for my colors, and worked out well considering my how I came across my can of paint (I'll elaborate later). The wine boxes were from when we did the wine crate shelving in the kitchen and Celeste's room.
When I moved the roll top desk to the living room, my thought was I would some day find a drafting table to place in my studio. What I really wanted was a nice big work top to spread out on. One day I browsing one of favorite local thrift stores and I came across this vintage school teachers desk for $5! (It had a sticker on the inside that read "property of Mineral County School District"). 
I don't own  truck, and this thing is HUGE, so I called my little brother, borrowed his truck, and brought home my new little (big) treasure. The next day I picked up a few cans of spray paint and turned her gray. I actually thought I wanted  a wall or two in the studio to be gray, but once I decided to paint the desk, I got the gray out of my system. I love the gray...

 I left the wall behind my cube shelf white. I think I want to find a neato wall paper. I'm just not a big fan of having all four walls the same color, not sure why...
 So I picked up this paint in the "oops" section of Home Depot. That's when they mess up making someones color, so they sell it at a discount. We were there picking up paint for the laundry room (which is the darker teal in the design on the top of the desk) and I spotted it for $5. I had no idea what I would do with it at the time, but I loved the color. And it actually fits so perfectly, I am so glad I decided to just go for it.

 These little cuties were my first ever thrifted item,  bought while antiquing with my grandma.
 And this photo clip serves as my memo board, I hang photos, swatches and magazine clippings from it.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my studio!
-XO K.

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