Monday, December 6, 2010

Project Monday- Self Portrait

I take a ton of self portraits, usually for my outfit posts, but this one was a wee bit challenging. I already do my outfits, so I can't just do that! I love taking self portraits in mirrors or other reflective surfaces, but that's typical, and I wanted to do something else. So what else could I possibly take a picture of myself doing? Lately I have been painting a lot, trying to get a series of paintings to open my etsy shop in January with. So I took some pictures of myself next to my easel, afterwards I moved in the new desk, so you can't stand next to the easel anymore. I can still stand in front of it though, so it's functional. I just need to put the handles back on the drawers and I will have to take my after picture of my new desk. I am so excited, now I feel my studio space is really coming together.


  1. i love how these turned out....great job!!!

    <3 Carrie

  2. and of course the awesomely placed thought bubble!



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