Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Supermodel vs. Zombie

This is my first project from my Photoshop course this semester. We took a photo of ourself and then totally glammed it up (aka supermodel) then we made ourselves totally gross (zombie!).
Here are my pictures....



Obviously for the super model one I didn't have to do much. Just kidding! I took away all my blemishes, freckles and moles. I took out my nose stud. I fixed my teeth and whitened them. I lightened my eye color and darkened my eye shadow and lips. I changed my hair color, gave my skin a glow and fixed the background.
For the Zombie I used a watermelon rind to give my skin texture via layers and blendmodes. I altered my cheekbones and jaw line. Added a maggot infested open wound to my chest, changed my eyes to green and darkened the image overall.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pink and Black


I used to not be a big fan of pink. It took me yeeears to finally bring some pink pieces into my wardrobe. I'm over that now, I am comfortable in pink now, and I love the combo of pink and black. So, I picked up this cute little vintage skirt at Junkee's a while back, and have finally decided to wear it. I really love the texture of the floral pattern. I kept everything else black so my skirt was the standout piece.
We've started work on our second project in my Illustrator course. We are to pick a state (Montana, yay!), choose two state parks and design a logo for each and a poster for one. The poster is supposed to mimick 1920's-1930's travel posters. Sounds super fun and right up my alley right? The instructor didn't like my logos. Lame. Now it's back to the drawing board. I've seen it happen, but it's never happened to me. But I guess it's a lesson learned as to how it will be out there in industry, there will be clients who don't like what you present to them and you will have to think longer and harder about your design concepts. So that's what I'm going to go do now....

pink and black

Shirt- thrifted
Skirt-   Junkee's
Tights- Icing
Shoes- Candies

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Little Day Trip

I've talked to a few people who've made the trip to Apple Hill. It's about a couple hours away, up highway 50 through Lake Tahoe near Placerville, CA. I've always wanted to go, so we decided to make the trip this year. It is a pretty drive up, and the only part of the drive that was aggravating was the 45 minute delay due to road construction in South Lake Tahoe, on a Saturday. Who does that? Oh, let's take the busiest tourist day and close our road down to one lane. Okay?
 Our first stop was the pumpkin patch! The pumpkin patch at Apple Hill was so much better than our local one, so much more variety. It was a very decent price, and lady was really knowledgeable and told me which of my picks are good for baking sweet pumpkin treats.


Celeste adores her little baby pumpkin. The dogs already tried to eat it.


This pumpkin above is called "one too many". When the lady pointed at it and said one too many, Celeste says, "Aww, man. I really wanted that one." I thought it was so adorable!


View of the patch.

After the pumpkin patch we stopped at one of the orchards. We were hoping it was a pick your own orchard, but it wasn't. We were hungry, so we ate lunch at their burger stand and shopped their farmers market for some produce. I brought home a giant jug of their apple juice. It so unbelievably good. I should have got more. We also picked up honey, apple sauce, apples, plums, and grapes. The grapes are so sweet. I haven't had grapes that good in years. And Celeste tried her first ever caramel apple.




After the orchards we decided to visit a winery and we had our first ever wine tasting. It felt a little weird at first, but it was pretty fun. They had a little kids table set up so Celeste colored pictures with other children while parents sampled the wines. They were running a special on their Sangiovese, buy one get a second for a $1, so I picked up a couple bottles.


All in all it was a really fun getaway day, and a great kick off to the Fall season. Which is after all, my favorite!


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