Friday, December 31, 2010

My 11 for 2011

Eleven little goals to achieve in the new year. Nothing too spectacular, just some things for fun. I'm not really one for resolutions, I can never keep them really. But a simple list of goals is achievable for me. And this list is mostly fun, happy things, little changes for a new year and a different sort of me.
1. Start my Etsy Shop- I will be crossing this off my list tomorrow. I am so excited, and so nervous at the same time. I have really wanted to do this for a while. I think I have been so held up by making sure everything's perfect, but I have finally settled on the fact that your own business is a constant work in progress, and it will never be perfectly ready. Wish me luck!
2. Wear more hair accessories- I love the look of a bow in my hair, or a flower, or a glamorous barrette. I want to accessorize more in the coming year, it is so fun.
3. Dye my hair red- since I finally took the plunge this past year and dyed my hair dark brown after seven years of au natural, I think it would be fun to try a striking color some time in the next year.
4. Wear lipstick- I love the way lipstick looks, but feel a little awkward in it myself. So I am going to try to incorporate it into my everyday makeup routine more often.
5. Decorate my bedroom- I sort of started this year, I bought a lamp, duvet cover and headboard and footboard. But this year I want it complete, with painted walls, art work and an area rug.
6. Buy more handmade- I love shopping handmade and local, so I want to make more of an effort to shop this way during the new year.
7.Thrift often!- It is so much fun to find that thrifted treasure, so I want to make a point of checking out more thrift stores in my area, as well as trips away from my town.
8. Buy a smartphone- I took care of this one today. Now I just need to learn how to use it. I know I'm in the stone age, but I haven't been able to really afford it until now. Even my mom had a smartphone before me!
9. Project 365- I think it will be fun to take a photo everyday. I haven't decided if it will be a self portrait 365 or not. It would be neat to see the daily progression over a years time though, wouldn't it?
10. A painting a week- I want to finish a painting every week, so I have plenty of new material for my Etsy shop.
11. Start block printing at home- I've loved making prints since I first experienced it in high school, and this past semesters print making class reignited my love, block printing can be done easily from home, so I want to gather the supplies and start making some prints!
Happy New Year.... be safe and happy. XO

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