Friday, December 17, 2010

What a week...

Today marked the end of the fall semester. It was supposed to be my final presentation for my printmaking class. But, the weather had other ideas. When I left for work at 3:45 am this morning I thought I could see some flakes falling. And at about 7am the ground was already covered. It was a nice, slow snowfall, and its been steadily falling all day today, turning our little city into a winter wonderland. Before I left for class I checked the college website to see if classes were canceled and it showed everything on schedule. The normally seven minute drive took me over forty five minutes due to all the traffic accidents. And when I finally made it to class, there was a note on the door saying class was canceled!
All in all my finals for my other classes went well, just not sure how I'm going to receive a grade for my printmaking course! Hopefully the instructor will contact us.
Earlier this week Celeste and I decided to test out the holiday cookie stamps I picked up at a recent thrift outing. The snowman one is missing, but they were only 88 cents. They looked super neato in the dough, but as they baked they puffed the stamp shape right out. I'm thinking that my dough wasn't stiff enough, since I used the drop recipe instead of the roll out recipe. They are still yummy and we had fun making them.

Celeste is at her dads house this weekend so I am going to work on my studio space. It's my goal to have it functional by the end of this weekend. I have the next four weeks off from school and I plan on launching my Etsy shop at the beginning of January, so a workspace is needed! I haven't allowed myself to scrap until I can use my new desk, with its big awesome worktop, so I am highly motivated due to my scrap deprivation. Happy weekend everyone! -XO K.

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  1. sorry about your class being canceled! but the cookies look delish!!! good luck getting your workspace and some etsy goodies ready....have fun!

    <3 Carrie



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