Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy December- Recently Thrifted Ornaments + Stylish Blogger Award

A couple weeks ago I set out to buy some fresh flowers birthday party, only to find that what was once a neighborhood grocery store was now a thrift store. It really goes to show that I do not get out enough. Well this past weekend I decided to drop of my winter closet clean out at the new thrift store (though my secret motive was to check it out), and while it is new, I did find some really neat things. And no dishes either, which was a little disappointing because I love vintage dishes.
But I was so excited to find these vintage Christmas ornaments. They are light and dark blue mixed in the boxed, and about five are missing, but they were only 44 cents and they are oh so beautiful. I also picked up two vintage skirts, two skirts for Celeste, a couple vintage blouses, sweaters for myself and Celeste and a fun afghan throw. All this amazingly was $42!  
Well I am super excited to announce that Carrie over at Blume and Grow and also the co-author of Bubblegum Life has bestowed me with the Stylish Blogger Award! Thank you so much, I am so happy *blushing* 

By accepting this award I will complete the following:

*Thank and link back to the person who awarded me
*Share 8 things about myself
*Pay it forward to 8 bloggers I have recently discovered
*Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards

Eight things about myself:
*My favorite color is purple, ever since I was a little girl I love all shades of purple, it's just such a magical color. Turquoise is a close second though.
*I really love to garden (hence my blog title) but I have had no luck these past couple of years. I refuse to change my blog to moon in my dirt patch, so I keep trying!
*I love to paint in acrylics and watercolor, but sketching with a pencil is by far my favorite way draw.
*Scrapbooking is like a drug to me. Making a page always eases any stress or tension I may have, and buying new product is so exhilarating
*My favorite CD right now is Mumford and Sons, everything about it is so beautiful, the lyrics, the music, it's amazing and I can't stop listening.
*I love all things vintage, artwork, clothing, dishes, books, decorations. I've always had a fascination with the past. When I was little I used to wish I could have been born in the Victorian era because I loved their dresses!
*I'm scared almost everyday that my creativity won't translate into success or happiness, but I will never stop trying.
*I love to see how other people live and decorate their homes, I love apartment therapy's home tours. 

I love blogs, and there are so many fantastic bloggers out there. Here are eight blogs I have been enjoying lately:
*The Art Cupboard
*Mixed Plate
*My Folk Lover
*1001 Ways to be More Lovely
*all buttoned up.
*The LuLu Bird
*sunshine and carousels 

And lastly I ordered all my shipping supplies and have completed some paintings for my etsy shop opening in January. Please check back to see my prints!

-XO K. 

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