Monday, December 20, 2010

Project Monday-Deck the Halls!

While I've already shared some of our little holiday happiness with my blog friends here and here, I thought I'd use this photo prompt to show how we decorate Celeste's room and a couple little touches in the studio! A couple of years back, when Celeste was four, she wanted a Christmas tree in her room sooooo bad. So I picked up this little pink tree and it's ultra girly glittery ornaments at the after Christmas clearance sales. It is Celeste's night light all through the month of December. We also hang the pink jumbo ornament from her ceiling and this year I picked up the pink tinsel garland at the thrift store.

In my newly revamped studio space I just added a couple little festive touches. I picked up the glittery wreath at the thrift store earlier this month. It was only a couple dollars and I wanted to deck it out, but since I haven't gotten around to it I figured I just better hang it already! So I took a piece of lace from the scrapbooking drawer and hung it from the bookcase in my studio. I also picked up these vintage Christmas lights for $0.44! I just filled a little bowl with them and voila a little holiday accent!

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