Saturday, June 18, 2011

What's in my Bag for the Airport

I've never done a "what's in my bag" post before, but I have seen them on other blogs and think it's a super fun idea. I'm not as resourceful as others, but I think it's fun to peek at what other ladies deem necessary to carry with them everywhere they go. For the airport, I have a very light haul. I haven't flown in over a decade, so I wanted to make sure everything went okay at the security check point.

1. Hobo International bag- I've had this bag for yeeeaars. Whenever I travel I love this bag because it is so roomy. I can hold everything I need with ease.
2. Wallet from Rue 21- love these wallets because they are only 2 for $10, so I can have a wallet to match every bag!
3. Handmade Marketplace- a book to read on the plane. Have you read this one?
4. Burt's Bees Lip Balm
5. My phone
6. Sunglasses- I always go for the cheep ones, no biggie when I sit on them! These ones are from Forever 21
7. A book for Celeste to read on the plane
8. My sketchbook
9. My luggage keys


  1. I was looking at handmade market place - is it good?

  2. Jessi, I am only about halfway through it at this point, but it has been very informative. Definitely a lot of good information about starting up your own indie business!



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