Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pleats and Pearls

I downloaded this lovely little weather application to my phone, so I can tell what is okay to wear. When your getting ready for work at 3 am you can't just look outside and decide what you will wear. So I get up in the morning, check my weather ap, and plan my outfit while waiting for my coffee. Problem is, everything in our forecast keeps getting shoved back a day. So that one sunny day of the week keeps eluding me. Damn them! Why can't they just forecast it's going to be crappy. For like ever.
So I decided to wear this lovely vintage pleated number to work on Friday, with a purple cardigan since it wasn't really ever sunny. I threw my things into my little vintage beaded evening bag and headed out for a fun time.
I love this little beaded evening bag, I love it even better when I have an occasion to use it. It is so pretty, I think I might hang it on my wall when I am not using it, I love it that much. It also matches my thrifted pearl necklace quite wonderfully. I kept it in flats, since I had been at work all day! I really wasn't feeling up for heels. Can you tell how cold I am? Just to try and get some cute shots?

Dress, hand bag and necklace: thrifted
Shoes: Target

Socks: Vera Wang @ Kohls

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