Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finally some Sunshine

Did I tell you that it snowed on June 4th? It snowed last year in June too. Two years in a row and we've seen snow in June. Crazy. So my tomatoes. Fried. Who thought it would snow in the middle of a June day!? Well, we are finally seeing some nice weather. Time for my pale skin to see the sunlight. Two people told me my legs were white in this outfit. Uh, yeah, I know. They are always white. Get used to it. I am. Plus, I always wear sunscreen, because I am so white. Just a couple weeks ago, I was pulling weeds for three or four hours and I got the worst sunburn of my life. In a strip across my lower back, where apparently my t shirt crept up. Sunscreen everywhere else though! Year round too. Guess I'm overly cautious, because I am so pale!

Confession. I did not wear those shoes to work. I generally only wear flats to work, and they must be close toe. But I thought they suited the outfit, so I put 'em on for the pictures. I love the bright happy yellow of the stripes on this dress. It makes me feel like sunshine to run around all day in this. I paired it with turquoise necklace and bracelet, as well as a scarf with turquoise flowers. I love turquoise and yellow together. What makes you feel like sunshine? -XO

Dress- Ross
Shirt - gift
Scarf- Kohls
Necklace- thrifted
Bracelet- Bitterroot Trading in Montana (my souvenir from last years vacation)
Shoes- Charlotte Russe


  1. the weather has been so weird. this year was the first it rained for about 4 days in june...last year our summer was pretty cold, i really hope we don't have a repeat of that! your poor tomatoes!!!

    your tattoo looks really cool of what i can see of it! are you going to get more!


  2. Adorable outfit! I especially love that dress! <3

  3. I am going to stop complaining about our rain! I love that dress!

  4. @cb, the weather has been very strange! Here is a better look at my tattoo , and yes, and I want more! Just not sure what yet. @ Cactus Flower and Jessi, thank you so much. I love the rain, but I am definitely missing the sunshine.

  5. wow! I can't imagine seeing snow so late in the year! when it snows it March I get grouchy! loooove those shoes by the way! the yellow stripes are adorable too



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