Monday, June 27, 2011

Seattle Day Three {part one}

Pike Place Market

Our third day in Seattle was an exciting one. I had made a list of things I wanted to do and see while there, and on day three we did most of it.
My  List:
Scrapbook Store
Pikes Place Market
Space Needle
Kell's Irish Pub
A Cupcake Shop
A Hike

Pike Place Market
Pike Place Market

We started out by heading to the Pikes Place Market, a popular tourist destination as well as a local favorite. We walked through Post Alley and put our gum on the famous bubble gum wall. Celeste isn't allowed to chew gum, but I let her do this. It took a great deal of coaxing, and maybe a threat, to get her to be rid of the gum and put it on the wall after she chewed it. We sampled smoked salmon at the Pike Place Fish Co. (where they throw the humongous fish), we smelled fresh peonies at the floral vendors, sampled peaches and tea. We bought some dark chocolate covered Rainer cherries from Chukars Cherries. We saw the first evah Starbuck's. It's also the longest line we have ever seen at a Starbuck's, so we didn't go in.
Post Alley

Bubble Gum Wall

Bubble Gum

Then we headed to Kell's Irish Pub for lunch. I just thought it would be cool since it's haunted, and I love that sort of thing. Crystal and I felt like we had a celebrity siting after seeing the owner that was interviewed on Ghost Adventures.  The food was pretty delicious though, and, keeping with pub style we had some beers and the kids had root beers!
Shepards Pie

Sausage Roll

Kell's Pub

Root Beer

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  1. cool photos.....totally makes me want to be there too!



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