Saturday, May 14, 2011

Digital Portfolio

So here it is, my final assignment for my Print Media course. Since this was an assignment, every assignment and exercise we completed in the course was required to be in this PDF. So there are a couple things in here that are, well, meh. If I had my way, I would have only included my awesome work, but I had to include the cheeseball "wedding collage" and "melonhead". Please keep in mind these were exercises to teach us how to use tools in Photoshop, they are not a true reflection of my fabulous skills elsewhere.
Norma, my cute little waitress on the front cover and the fifties style signs on the index page, were created in Adobe Illustrator specifically for this PDF. All other works were part of assignments. Hope you enjoy! By the way, while my instructor did say it was beautiful, I was critized for the abundance of hyphenated text in my justified text boxes and my extreme leading on some pages. If I had the program to fix it, I would have, but school's out so it is what it is.
Portfolio Kt

I used some free fonts in some assignments and part of the liscensing restrictions is the inability to be embedded into a PDF. So here are the way those are supposed to look:

And here's a better picture of Norma for you, the PDF appears pretty pixelated.


  1. FFR You can outline the type in indesign before outputting PDF and it saves you that hassle:)

  2. Yeah, I should have done that with all my documents before placing them in InDesign, live and learn I guess ;P. Wish I had the programs so I could just fix it instead of giving excuses for myself!



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