Thursday, March 10, 2011

Recently Thrifted

I love old books. I guess it goes along with a passion for reading that I've had since I was young. My daughter loves to read too, and that makes me happy. There is so much knowledge to be gained, so many wonderful things have resulted from the printed word. The other day Celeste told me how she went to the library at school and discovered a new (to her) book by Eric Carle called A House for Hermit Crab. She says "I want that book next mom, okay? I love Eric Carle's books, he's a good illustrator."
Too cute, I love it! Old books are one of the things I love to look for at thrift stores, and I've begun a small collection. I'm not just amassing them because they look cool, I actually only buy them if I know I enjoy the topics and will read them one day. When I'm not super duper busy with everything else I do!

 I've picked up a couple neat old books recently. The first one is called "Classic Myths in English Literature" by Charles Mills Gayley  ©1893. The binding has been replaced, but the illustrations are amazing! I have always been fascinated by mythology and have a couple modern books on the topic, so I was over the moon to find such an old text on the subject. 

The second book I picked up recently is call "My Bookhouse in the Nursery" from 1920. It is a fantastic collection of childhood stories, with amazing color illustration. I am so happy to be adding these gorgeous treasures to my collection. What do you like to collect?


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