Sunday, March 6, 2011

little things that make me happy

I've been spending a lot of time sketching and drawing lately. It's all for my class assignments, nothing will be going up in the shop anytime soon, I'm too overwhelmed. But all the drawing really makes me think about how much I love this. It is my favorite thing in the world to draw or paint or otherwise create something beautiful. So this weeks picks are inspired by my love of drawing.
Lighting is a must. I love my clip on desk lamp. It's adjustable so I can point it down on my work, up at the ceiling for some bounce lighting, or sideways to illuminate my easel. I picked mine up at Ikea a couple years ago for $5 and it clamps to the side of my desk similar to the one I've picked out here.
Since doing the sketchbook project I have really fallen in love with having a sketch book of my own to keep handy where ever I go. You really never know when you will be inspired, so it's best to be prepared! I also love having a variety of pencils, to create different depths of colors, to accentuate different shading techniques.
I have an artist's box similar to this one. It was once my Nana's, then her daughters (my aunt) and now it is mine. It is one of my favorite heirlooms and I use it to this day. It was given to me about fifteen years ago, and it has always held art supplies for me.
Some day I dream of having an awesome drafting table. Until then I make do with the large worktop my 1960's school teacher desk affords me.


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