Monday, March 21, 2011

Back From a Blogging Hiatus...

I started out the week of my spring break break thinking I would do all sorts of blogging and even finish a new painting for my Etsy shop. But all fell by the wayside when my six year old commented "Your always on the computer mom". To be fair, I am a graphic design student, so while I do spend a great deal of time on the computer, it is working on school work mostly. In fact, I was really looking forward to putting more time into my blog and my poor poor neglected Etsy shop. Instead, I put down the computer for the whole week of spring break. *gasp* I did FB and Tweet from my phone on occasion, as well as check my email. But no blog writing or reading, no etsy browsing or treasurey making. No vintage recipe post or little things post.
And we did have fun. We received a bonus at work, and I have a new tattoo scheduled for this Friday that will probably be a good chunk of it. I've wanted to get a couple new tattoos for awhile but I'm always so broke. We also went out for some sushi and I took Celeste bowling for her first time ever. It was nice to do things "normal" people can do. It's just sad that it takes a once a year bonus to be able to afford it.
And since I wasn't in class, I was able to go to a couple of Celeste's school functions last week. On Tuesday she had a music show. It was themed dreamland, so all the kiddos wore their pj's. It is so cute to see her little face scan the crowd and when she sees you are there her eyes light up and she grins from ear to ear. And on Thursday she was awarded the silver honor roll award for being an exceptional student. Yay! This is her second one, she also made silver honor roll last year. And on Saturday we got dressed up and headed out for some shopping. We stopped and shared a bubble tea first though! And last night we had my little brother and his girlfriend over for a homemade manicotti dinner and a game of Parcheesi.

Time for Project Monday!
This Monday the photo prompt is look up:

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