Monday, February 28, 2011

This weeks project monday photo prompt was framing. Use the surroundings to frame your subject in the photograph. This can be really interesting and fun. I love prompts that help you look at things with a different perspective. Ideas that make you think about things differently. It's always good to challenge your perspective.
With my lovely thoughts on the subject in mind, I totally cheated. I spent all weekend working on assignments, and all this afternoon studying for a quiz tomorrow. So I went back through some of my past photographs and found some examples of how I like to use framing in photography....

 Door ways and stair banisters present wonderful opportunities to frame a subject. I also love how looking through a door way can lend a good sense of perspective and little mystery to a photograph. What's through that doorway? I always find myself wondering.

 Buildings and walls that flank your subject on either side can give the effect of framing. This technique also gives great perspective, driving your eye right towards your subject.

 I absolutely love using mirrors to frame myself within my surroundings in my photographs. As the photographer, I am rarely seen in my photos, so this is a wonderful way to capture me, and remember what I was doing at a particular moment.

I love how the tree limb in the upper portion of this photo frames the photograph.

 And these I took last semester down at Oxbow Printing Press. I love how the wheel of the press creates an interesting frame for my daughter as my subject.

Happy Monday! XO.

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