Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines! Project Monday- In the Shape of a Heart

This one was tough! I looked around all weekend, everywhere I went (which isn't a lot of places!) and I didn't find the shape of a heart anywhere! So I made my own... by drawing a heart with my finger in the spilled flour from my Mom's birthday cake. I made her a Burnt Sugar cake with Caramel Frosting. I will share the cake recipe later, but the frosting was a weird consistency, so I'll save you the time of trying that recipe. It still tasted good, it was just incredibly difficult to spread on the cake.

For Valentine's my sweetie and I don't really go all out. In fact, I told him not to get me anything, and he said the same. But we both didn't listen and got each other a little something and went out to eat last night. He got me an amethyst heart necklace and I got him a CD (I'm so lovingly awesome, right?) But miss Celeste made out, we got her some hair clips (hearts!) and tights and knee highs, and a nightgown with a matching mini one for her doll. She loved it!


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