Sunday, February 20, 2011

little things that make me happy

I am reminded by this happiness everyday. But lately, it seems to be challenging me! Our family's pets bring such joy into our life, such hilarity, and yes, much upset. Yet, inspite of all that has been ruined, I still love these little monsters.  It so nice to be home alone in an empty house and have a kitty come and curl up on my lap just to say hello. Or to come home to an often overly excited puppy dog nearly every day.
We started with our kitties. I've always wanted cats. When I was little I couldn't, so began my obsession. I used to collect all sorts of cat things. My first two vintage items were cat salt and pepper shakers as well as a cat jewelry holder. So when we moved into the house last year it was a short couple of months later and I couldn't take it any more. I wasn't in an apartment anymore, so I headed down to the Humane Society and adopted Leo and Luna.

We had also planned to have a dog someday, but we just simply couldn't afford. We still can't really, but we sacrificed. Penny was my best friends dog. But their family made the decision to move out of state and could not find an apartment that would accept her due to weight restrictions. It was actually a wonderful opportunity for both of us. We got a dog we couldn't have gotten on our own, and they know she is in a loving home.


She is such a part of the family, but she is not without her challenges. I put new sod in the backyard last summer, and it is the only place she will go to the bathroom. There are holes dug in every other place in the backyard, including the repeated digging up of a plum tree I planted. She has chewed up numerous plastic items left in her vicinity. Yesterday she chewed up a new pair of vintage leather oxfords I thrifted. And to think I was being nice by not leaving her out in the snow while I was out of the house! And as I write there is stuffing from another chewed up toy being strewn about my living room. Yay.

But we love her, and it's hard to stay mad at that girl! I just learn my lessons. Don't leave her in the house. Don't turn your back on your food. Don't plant anything in the backyard. You know, etc., etc.

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  1. You speak the truth! They bring such joy to our lives. They are companions helping to drown out loneliness. Their lives are so short yet they make such an impact. They know what they know and we just have to learn to adjust our lives for them to live in it. We recently had to put down our beloved Golden Retriever. She shared our lives for 14 1/2 years. That was the worst day but that one day cannot compare to the 14 1/2 years of love she gave us. Enjoy them! :) Beautiful pictures by the way!



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