Thursday, February 10, 2011

todays haul

Today I took Celeste to the dollar store to get Valentine's for her school. I know what your thinking, but I tried to convince her that we could make way cuter ones ourselves, but she wanted to buy them. Anyway, while we were there I decided to check out the goodwill bargain bin next door. I found four different circa 1965 Better Homes & Gardens cookbooks, including a bbq one! I aso picked up an old school book called Insights, it still has its library checkout card on the inside cover, which I think is awesome. Lastly I picked up two frames, one for a project I have in mind, the other because I think the old original fill paper in the frame is going to make cool wall art, and a embroidered octagonal clock because I love embroidery. All this for $6.50!
I find what people tend to thrift so fascinating. Everyone is hunting for their own personal treasure (childhood cookbook) and it is neat. I'm always checking out what other people are getting. Sometimes I can't even imagine what they're doing with things like 3 hub caps. What do you thrift for? XO
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