Sunday, February 27, 2011

little things that make me happy

So sorry my lovely readers that I missed this Wednesdays Vintage Recipe post. I have been a teensy weensy bit swamped as we are now in the full swing of all my classes. And while I'm doing a ton of work, my blog and Etsy shop are suffering. *sigh* but I am learning valuable skills that will benefit me greatly, and it is a lot of fun in the process. I will be sharing some of my projects shortly!
So we have had snow, snow and well, more snow here lately. It is so ridiculous cold, I don't even want to leave under my blanket on the couch! My computer is in my studio, which is the farthest room away from the furnace, thus the coldest. Super cold. Like more than hour and my fingers and toes go numb. So it's been difficult to do more than my assignments lately. I have been deluding myself with thoughts of Spring, but I know here in Reno, it's pretty far away still. Last year it snowed in June. Yup. June.
But a girl can still dream. I'm dreaming of rain and stomping around in my wellies. Of pretty spring dresses in wonderful hues. Of delicate handbags, and tea on the terrace. Of bright and floral jewelery.

I just adore these Slugs. They're so fun, and functional!

With the combination of my two favorite colors, how could I resist? I love the chain woven through the flower, it's a fun and textural design.

Simple, delicate, light and airy.

I would have so much fun baking some pretty spring time cupcakes in this lovely spring floral apron.

I love having a warm cup of tea and watching the rain fall outside my window.

A lovely, relaxed dress, perfect for a springtime afternoon.

And of course a gorgeous handbag to compliment.

And don't forget your hat when those March winds start blowing!


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