Thursday, January 13, 2011

What I Wore Today...

Keeping with my little anti jeans adventure, I have been pretty steadily wearing dresses or skirts at least a couple times a week. Usually Thursdays at work, and whenever I go out on the weekend. I love to get all dolled up, I am not someone who goes out in public in their PJ's. I haven't done an outfit post in a while though. Mainly because the lighting sucks. By the time I get home and ready to take the picture the daylight is gone. This is the case with these pictures, but I've been wanting to resume my outfit posts so bad.

 This is a necklace I made with a moon medallion carved of stone. My Mom gave me the medallion, she said it reminded her of me(!) and I made a necklace with moonstone and amethyst.

 Tank top- Old Navy, Shirt- Converse One Star, Skirt- Old Navy

 Thigh highs and Grey skirt underneath- Target

And our new kitchen light fixture:

 And After:

 We just need to repair the holes from the previous fixture and sand down a circular paint mark from an older fixture probably being put back up before the paint was dry. I also need to adjust the lights positioning. Then My plan is to paint the ceiling a pale grey-blue color, and leave everything else white. I love how this fixture reminds me of the old school hollywood movie lights!
-XO. K.

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