Monday, January 10, 2011

The Backdrop of My Life....

This weeks Project Monday photo prompt is "the backdrop of our lives". Look around at the details of your life, what do you notice that is present in your everyday life that you normally don't think about being there?

 My art supplies are usually everywhere, piled on my desk, stuck on the floor to make room for a project. It isn't really something I think about too often, they are always there, at my fingertips ready for use.
 These are little lanterns hanging above my easel in my studio. I don't think I've turned them on since I first hung them up! Guess I really forget about them. Ooooh they would be so pretty with twinkling white lights hanging near them. (After Christmas clearance thoughts*)
 Stacks of magazines for inspiration. I love to flip through magazines for ideas on my next painting or drawing, whether it be a pose, a color scheme or a pattern. Plus they are always good to have for Celeste's school projects.
 My poor neglected living room shelf. After all the Christmas decorations come down I realize just how bare it is! I love these things though. The cigar box was my great grandfathers and it is filled with pretty rocks. (I'm such a kid, I have a rock collection!)
 Old books. I love finding old books at the thrift stores. I love the illustrations of the past, the methods of writing. (Okay the Houseplant book isn't that old!)
 The beginnings of my framed artwork grouping. I have been collecting various pieces from thrift stores, they are all over my home, but this is as close to a grouping as it gets so far. Give it time...
 I love shoes ;)
 This is a sea shell windchime hanging in my shower. I actually barely notice it, but a lot of people think "a windchime in your shower?" Well, yeah, my bathroom is pretty small and that's the only place it could go! It's above our height, and the water doesn't hit it, so it works out pretty well. Plus it makes your shower feel all "beachy".
Check out Bubble gum life for next fridays photo prompt!


  1. love all the details that these photo this post!!!

    <3 Carrie

  2. I love paper lanterns! I think they make any room cute.
    -Allison Kaye



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