Monday, November 8, 2010

Fabulously Fall

I love fall. It is by far my favorite season. I love the beautiful colors, the rich reds, plums and golds. I love the sound of the leaves fluttering across the ground as the wind softly blows them. I love crunching through the leaves as I walk down the streets. I love the smells of pumpkin spice lattes and warm apple cider. The smell of fires burning in warm houses in the coolness of the dawn.  This Monday's inspiration are the colors of fall. I hope you enjoy these photos of my favorite fall colors. XO K.


  1. love all your photos!!,,love all those colors!!!

  2. what a perfect post! all these photos are so wonderful...and i love your description at the beginning....i wish we have more of a change of seasons here in San Diego : )

    <3 Carrie

  3. Thanks! Our change of season is brief here in Reno, it's usually really hot, then really cold ;P



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