Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Week in Review

Hopefully with taking a photography course this semester I will have the pefect excuse to upload to the blog more often! Just to give a little taste of my schedule restraints though...
4:00 a.m. Wake Up
5:00 a.m. Start Work
9:00 a.m. Go Home to see Celeste off to school and pick up D. for work
9:30 a.m. Back at work
2:30 p.m. Go Home
3:50 p.m. Get Celeste from bus stop
4:00 p.m. Help Celeste with home work, make dinner
5:45 p.m. Pick up D. from work
6:40 p.m. Go to class
8:45-9:30 p.m. Go Home

Fridays are slightly different, I wake up at 3a.m. and work 4-8 a.m. and my class is 9a to 2p. Yesterday, I fell asleep when I came home and slept until 5:30p.

I am so excited about all my courses this semester. My studies are spaced out over the course of years, mostly online, mostly the core foundation studies, like english, political science, biology, math. Now it's all up to the fun stuff, the ART! The first class I'm taking is Digital Media, where by the end of it we will be able design our own website. I can't wait, I'm hoping to put it to use by making my blog extra cute and one of a kind. The second course is digital photography, which I hope will give me a better understanding on how to appropriately use the manual functions on my camera, and the last course is a print making class. In this class we will learn about and experiment with different forms of print making. Next Friday we will be screen printing. So I this weekend I need to look around for supplies, various surfaces to screen print, and of course come up with some designs!

I hope this semester will get my creative juices flowing again, I feel like I have been stuck in the monatanous world of retail life for so long, I can't find all my wonderful ides in my mind. I know they are there, but all this daily living hoopla like schedules, bills, and work keep locking them up.

Okay, so going to my first classes this week has pretty much filled my time, but we did manage to go to the rib cook off last night. I am glad we did. I love all the street vendors, local artisans with their handcrafted wares, the beauty of their creations is very inspiring. One of the first assignments in photography is to just walk around and take pictures, and that is what I did. These ones here are some of my favorites. I also talked to the creator of one of our local clothing companies about his t shirt screen printing process, wouldn't it be so fun to put your own design on a shirt? Maybe that is something I will do for my class next Friday?

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