Sunday, September 26, 2010

Learning Impulse & Art of Thrift

I am not really an impulsive person by nature. I am a planner, a long time thinker, a gatherer of opinion. I usually mull over whatever my decision is for a while, then I start talking to friends and family about it, then I might make a decision after that.
So I did something totally impulsive on Friday, and got some new tattoos. I was inspired (of course) by someone else's tattoos of words with personal meaning, and that night I went home and thought about what words have personal meaning in my life? For me, right now, those words are "inspire beauty".
As an artist, you want to be an inspiration to the world around you, you want to bring some of you own personal beauty into it. I am finished with all my core curriculum at school, and it is art from here on out, but I find my creativity stifled. I wanted something to remind me everyday to look at the world with a creative eye, and to never forget what my passion is no matter how hard things get.

So while we are on the subject of being impulsive, I also did a sort of "impulsive" scrapbook page yesterday. I just printed a recent picture I took and just put it together with the first things I grabbed (instead of laying it all out, moving it to different positions, switching out patterns, etc.) It took me about twenty minutes, and I am pleased with the result. Hey, if I could be this quick every time I scrap, maybe I might actually get some more pages done.

Supplies Used: Paper-Cosmo Cricket, Stickers- Sassafrass, October Afternoon (labels) and KI Memories (lovely), Rubons- K & Co., Plastic Flowers- Heidi Grace, Letters- Sandy Lion, Other- Simplicity Sewing pattern, Catalog page, Doily, Receipt, Staples

Guess my next impulse move should be to clean my house....-XO K.

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