Sunday, September 19, 2010

Adventures in Thriftland

So my little girl and I checked out a couple thrift stores yesterday. None of which I had been to before. I took my camera along, because the first two assignments in my photography course are to take pictures of "walking around" and of the "urban landscape". It feels really awkward to be inside a thrift store snapping away. I need to get over it though, some really cool pictures are to be had. Below are a couple of my favorites.
I would have liked to have spent all day thrifting, but I became exhausted (I've been sick) and had to go home. I ended up napping for a couple hours. Boo to you cold, you zapped my weekend... I came home with a $.50 sewing pattern, to use in scrapbooking or to accentuate art prints, a $2.00 box of transparencies also to use in scrapbooking or printmaking, and, my find of the day, a $10 Yashica Electro 35 GSN camera!! I just have to replace the seals and I will be able to test this vintage beauty in all its glory- XO!

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