Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This is Where She Always Wants to be...

... and poor girl hasn't been to the park at all in the past few weeks. Hers and her mommy's schedule are so busy, there's hardly time for play! 
Yesterday morning I made a list on my chalkboard wall at 4 a.m. Four things I wanted to accomplish that day. Four things. Bake pumpkin scones. Take a picture of this van I saw. Write a post for my print class blog. And go to the park.
I did two of those things. Can you believe it? Those are simple, quick things, and I could only fit in two? Celeste asks to go to the park nearly every single day. Horrible Mom that I am, it's always some excuse, have to make dinner, have to do homework, have to, have to...
Well Yesterday I made time for her, and it was nice, just the two of us, playing monsters at the park. -XO K.

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