Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sketch Book Project- First Two Completed!

I  just wanted to share the first two sketches that I have completed in my sketch book for the Sketch Book Project.

Unfortunately my main drawing time is on my breaks at work, so I am eating and drawing! And, as you can see, I got something on that poor guys face and the graphite has totally stuck to it... oh well kinda looks like he has a mole, right? I also have some pictures of my completed linoleum cutting, which I will be making some prints from next Friday before it goes away forever. (notice it is the same kissing couple as my second sketch!)

I forgot to mention on my weekly update post that I went to a show. I saw Civil Twilight, Crash Kings and Anberlin. It was an awesome show, Civil Twilight was amazing. I don't think I have ever seen a band perform live that sounds exactly like the album. After their performance they manned their own table selling shirts and Cd's, so I purchased a t-shirt and let them know that I thought their show was amazing! It was like the days of old when I would go to shows all the time and talk to the bands and have them sign my poster. Which I did, I had Civil Twilight sign my poster. I feel like I'm thirteen all over again...

-XO K.

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