Sunday, October 24, 2010

Recently Thrifted....

I just wanted to share some of my recent (and some not quite as recent) thrifted finds. I really love the look of a framed collection, but I had no artwork to even begin a collection! So I began checking out the framed artwork areas of the thrift stores I frequent. Here are some of the items I've picked up in the past few months....

I actually picked up this embroidered piece yesterday for $1. I was so excited to find this. I adore the colors, it will work out very well with the colors I have in my living or dining areas.

This piece was actually the first one I picked up to start the collection, also for $1. It reminded me of the old victorian kit house we visited in Montana, and I am obsessed with old homes. So it's fairly fitting that I begin a collection of old house artwork!

This is the second house artwork I picked up, I love that the architecture is similar to the first piece.


This one was just neat to me. It is actually a page torn out of a book that someone framed... but I loved the colors and the style of the artwork.

I really like this one, I'm not sure the origination of this portrait of a girl, but I have seen her in other places, other forms of print. This one has quilted fabric surrounding the oval portrait.

This is where she resides on a shelf in my living room, next to another one of my favorite items, a cuban cigar box from the early 1900's, originally my great grandfathers.

And lastly, another piece I really like, a tiny butterfly (4X6). I love this print style, usually they are pricy, even in the thrift stores, as they are increasingly popular. But I managed to pick up this small piece for $3. 

Variations of size when displaying a framed artwork collection makes it visually interesting, so I am collecting all sorts of shapes and sizes. I have different ideas of locations in my home, but I will definitely post a pic when I have my artwork hung!


  1. Nice finds! I've been finding lots of cool vintage stuff recently at thrift stores, you never know what you'll find, they have different stuff almost every day.

  2. wow, they are really nice. I don't have the patience to go to thrift shops much, but maybe I should try a little harder...



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