Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Monday

I wore my wellies for the first time today! It was still cool and damp when I left the house at just before 5 am.  But when I left work it was in the mid sixties with the sun shining. And I'm in my beanie, sweater and wellies. Oh how I love the Nevada weather.
So this weekends photography inspiration was "comfy and cozy". What makes you comfy and cozy? For me it's waking up late, staying in my PJ's and baking. This weekend Celeste and I finally made the pumpkin scones I've been craving. They turned out super delicious. I found the recipe here.
I made them yesterday and they're gone! It was so comfy, having fresh baked scones, hot coffee and sitting at my table watching the rain fall in the backyard...

What did you do this weekend? I hope it was relaxing and fun!

I've been slacking on taking pictures as I continue my way through my anti jeans adventure, even though I have worn a lot of outfits sans jeans lately, this is the only pic I remembered to take from last week!

XO -K.

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