Sunday, August 1, 2010

After days spent exhausting all my options, I finally back up all my data and restored my computer to factory settings. It crashed during a picture upload a few weeks back and I have been unable to upload pictures since. With that said hours of backing up, hours of reinstalling and I am back!
I finished putting up the wainscoting on the bathroom walls, and I caulked it last night. I am waiting for the paint to dry so I can apply a second coat.
We took a hike in Tahoe Meadows yesterday, I am so sun burned. We were in the shade of the forest for the better part of our journey, but apparently that wasn't enough! On the other side of Tahoes Meadows is the Ophir Creek Trail which we took for approxamately three miles in to a little mountain lake called Upper Price Lake. It's not really a swimmable lake, it is fairly shallow and has a lot of algae growth. But it is pretty to hike up to and relax by.

Tahoe Meadows

The view of Washoe Valley from the top part of the trail.

The view from the trail down to Upper Price Lake.

Upper Price Lake and the backside of Slide Mountain

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