Saturday, August 14, 2010

Before (or in the middle) and After: Chalkboard Wall

I am so proud of myself, instead of coming home from work on Friday and being my lazy self after a long work week, I instead chose to take on a long anticipated project I've had on the back burner, my kitchen chalkboard wall!!! So I sort of forgot a before picture, so it's an in the middle of it picture instead. Followed by a mini kitchen tour....

In the middle:


Enter my kitchen:

Enter kitchen, window looks outside to backyard. Yes, I have no dishwasher, so the dish rack is permanently loaded!

To the right of entering kitchen:

We seriously lack counter space, so we put an old dining table in this empty space to hold our microwave and mixer. It doesn't match well, but its on loan from my sister (for like 5 years now!) so I can't paint it or anything. The wine crates we salvaged from work and made them into shelves. Talk about eco and budget friendly!

To the left of entering kitchen:

And we don't lack cupboard space... some of these many cupboards are empty, which is fine because I still have many kitchen tools to collect. What I'm not fond of is the condition. I often flip flop between wanting to rip them all out and get brand new ones, or invest some serious time and energy into refinishing them. Some of the drawers really stick, they all tip down when you open them. It is an old kitchen, and these cupboards really have seen some days.

So, I still want to do something about my cupboards, put up a tile back splash, paint my ceiling a pale blue, replace the fluorescent fixture, and come up with a better option for my empty corner (other than my sisters old dining table!).


  1. Its beautiful and using the crates as shelving is awesome.
    Can I ask how you hung the crates on the wall? Any specific nails/screws?
    I have a few crates lying around and am so gonna steal this idea :)

  2. I was also going to ask how you attached the crates to the wall. I love this idea!

  3. We just drilled holes into the four corners of each crate, used the plastic screw anchors, and screwed them into the wall. Each shelf has screws in a stud except the third one, so I may put support brackets underneath. When used for their intended purpose, they do hold full bottles of wine and are stacked on a pallet for shipping so I think they are pretty sturdy.



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