Sunday, January 15, 2012

My 12 for 2012

Time to get shit done

I'm a slacker. And if you read my blog, you know this. I almost always have too much on my plate. That's not going to change anytime soon. There is just too much I want to do, and I really can't seem to organize any of it, so I just get to it when I get to it I guess. And at the same time, I think I prefer it that way. I don't think I would care for an overly structured life. I like being impulsive. I like the impromptu journey, shopping trip, dinner out, etc. I'm afraid planning certain things means a boring life. But that's not to say that I don't plan. And I do have a work and school schedule to abide by. I just don't want every little thing in my life to have to be scheduled.
And I make resolutions, late. They are little things, to help me maintain some sort of goal like structure. I was looking back at last years goals, and I managed to accomplish 6 of the eleven, although the opening and subsequent closing of my Etsy shop should probably be considered more a half. I just did not have the time to market myself and thus did not get sales. Maybe at another point in my life. But right now, about a year out from graduating college, my focus is going to be on developing my professional portfolio, so I can get a real job someday.
With out further adieu, my twelve goals for the year are....
1. Eat Healthy- again. I was so busy this past semester that I lost sight of a lot of my good eating habits. Like organic produce and dairy products and whole grains. So I want to return to those previous habits, and push them a bit further too.
2. Eat out less- along the same lines as the first goal, this past semester has also seen me turning to restaurants more and more for the sake of more time to work on projects. I think if I can learn more crock pot recipes and casseroles, I can cook at home more and also still have the time I need for school assignments.


3.Cut my hair- regularly! My last hair cut in December was my first in 18 months! Yikes. It's no wonder my hair isn't healthy. So this year I want to maintain regular hair appointments and keep my locks gorgeous.
4. Paint my nails- I do, on occasion, but I want to regularly. They break less that way too!

Purple and Turquoise nails

5. Lotion- I am terrible about this. I do shipping at work and my poor hands are always so dry. My legs too. And now my seven year old is having dry skin issues too. I need to start the good habit of taking care of my skin so that my daughter will develop it too.
6. Wear more skirts and dresses- I started my little "anti jeans adventure" on 10.10.10, and I love it! This year I want to push it further, and wear jeans even less!
7. Outfit posts- I love outfit posts. I love doing them, and I love seeing other bloggers outfit posts, so I want to be sure and include more here on the blog.
8. Blog regularly- Ahhh. On that note. Structure. Schedule. I really need to be more consistent with the blog. Even if I don't have the words, I almost always have the images, so I need to post more!
9. Carry a sketchbook- When I was in high school my sketchbook never left my side. It was open at every spare moment. I want to be that girl again. That overwhelmingly creative soul whose imagination just can't stop. I think she's still around.
10. Scrapbook- I cannot remember my last layout. It's sad. The pictures are piling up. I think part of it is my best friend moved away and now I have no one to crop with, and ask advice about. Boo hoo. Get over it. Start scrap booking again lady.
11. Decorate bedroom- the one goal I am carrying over from last year. I have added a couple things here and there. But overall, it is the most unfinished, undecorated room of the home. And I don't like that.

Where I sleep, it pretty much never gets made unless people are coming over ☺ #janphotoaday

12. Travel- Every year I like to go somewhere for the piddly one week vacay I get. Last year I went to visit my best friend in Seattle. (that's where the lucky girl escaped too!). It was so neat to go somewhere I've never been. Shop new shops, hike new forests, eat at new places. So this year, for my vacation, I want to go somewhere else I have never been. I really hope I can pull this one off!

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