Monday, January 16, 2012

The Week in Instagram

I'm officially in love with Instagram. I have posted a few pictures from my favorite app on the blog, but this  post is a week in Instagrams!

January 8th: I took Celeste and her cousin to the new children's discovery museum that opened in Reno recently. The girls had a blast running around, playing and creating.

Taking the girls to the museum #ootd
Crazy kiddos
Confession: I want to play with the water toys
It's like Oregon trail!

January 9th: We went out to Pho and I tried grass jelly drink for the first time. Bubble tea is still my favesies

1st time.

January 10th: I made strawberry bundt cakes with lemon icing for a bake sale at work. One stuck to the pan, and Celeste ate the broken piece when I wasn't looking!

Bakesale at work tomorrow. One of my bundts fell apart
Strawberry mini bundts with lemon icing, for a good cause, just hope people buy 'em!

January 11th: We hacked up my 1960's kitchen to install an over the stove microwave. A decision I've wrestled with for a while. Ultimately I came to the realization that I will not be able to afford the oven hood I really want and also my other microwave quit working and I needed the counter space this one provides.

Our hack of our 1960s kitchen, work still needs to be finished, but yay!

Afterwards we went out to eat at the Blind Onion for the first time

Bad kid at the restaurant

January 12th: Celeste and I started getting crafty for Valentines

Getting ready to get our v-day decorating on

January 14th: We took a mini road trip to Ikea.

#ootd Ikea road trip time! Eeep!
#janphotoaday baking goodness from #ikea , happiness

Then we went to Chipotle for Lunch and Trey B Cakes for dessert


We saw a horse mounted cop

That's right, a horse mounted cop

And on January 15th: I stayed home listening to records and cleaning my studio

This will be the soundtrack to my morning #vinyll

Cuddled up with my doggie


Until next time. -XO K.

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