Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Project Monday- yes, I know its Tuesday

So, this weeks photo prompt was "other cameras need love too". Agreed! I have an old school Canon T50 which may be older than I am. It was my first SLR. It is a truly beautiful piece of machinery, and it still takes gorgeous pictures. I ruined one of lenses at Craters of the Moon, Idaho when I was younger. Like a dummy I switched lenses in the lava park and little granules of lava sand got inside and completely stuck the moving parts. So all I have is the portrait lens. Which is fine because that is what I prefer to shoot. Oh, then there was the time my niece pulled it off the table (she was 3, I'm a dummy) and broke the external flash (it has no internal). Like I said, my first SLR. Abused, but works! As long as your well lit and close. My other non-digital camera is a Yashica Electro 35, I need to replace the light seals and modify it slightly to take a present day battery (they took mercury batteries), but I haven't found the time.
So all this was just a really elaborate excuse as to why I can't really take a picture and give my other cameras some love. But, I did use a Polaroid for a recent assignment, so I thought this a good opportunity to share. Lucky for me one of my class mates had one of these bad boys, and with film, so I could see my project to completion. We actually used Polaroid at work up until a couple years ago, but it was still awkward and foreign to operate, and the picture I took came out crappy. Maybe because I took it inside a fluorescent lit classroom?

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