Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I laugh at myself

I really kind of have too. I do a blog post about being back from a blogging hiatus, then disappear again! Oh, I crack me up. All kidding aside, is it weird that I feel super remorseful that I have failed my blog, Epically? Is that even a word? Well, I did it none the less. Once upon a time I had delusions of grandeur and dreamt of someday having an awesome blog with tons of reader worthy content. But then I get so enveloped in my scholastic studies and, well, life in general. And my poor blog goes by the wayside. I feel like I've said this before. Maybe I've just thought about it a lot. I need to jot my ideas down more often, they are way too fleeting. Then maybe I'd have some reader worthy content. I even tried "scheduling" my blog time. But sometimes I just can't fit it in.
I do feel especially bad for missing the past two Project Monday posts, but I have them here today. The topic from last Monday was spring flowers. 'Not fair' is what I thought when I read that over at the Bubblegum Life blog. It was still blustery and threatening snow. And it still is, in between days of 70-75. The next day the fates opened a beautiful bright yellow daffodil in my front yard. So that's what that plant that always dies from the snow looks like. It's come up a couple times since we moved in, and I had an inkling it was a daffodil, but then it never bloomed, or was killed by a freeze. They are quite lovely, and a most definite sign of the season.
Yesterdays  project Monday topic was "sharing happy thoughts". I was inspired by Carrie's photograph, and decided to take a picture of a card Celeste made for me. She draws me pictures and makes me things all the time. It makes me feel so special. I love that she creates wonderful and precious things for me. Lately she has been putting "MPU" on her works of art.
"what's M-P-U?" I ask her
"Muh-wah" she makes a kissing sound that we always make at each other.
How cute, she totally spelled a kissing sound for her mommy. I love it!

And lastly, for my wonderful little catch up and say sorry about my lame forgetting to blog-ness.... I really can't remember my last outfit post. I love sharing my outfit posts. At first I felt like a big fat dork, Same as when I first shared pictures of my home. But then I realized those are my two favorite things from other blogs I read, I love to see how they dress and how they decorate their homes. I first embarked on my little "anti-jeans adventure this past fall. The whole idea was to replace my average jeans and tee shirt get up with something cuter, something a with more style, something not jeans. Well, some of the time. I have been making it a point to dress nicely to all my critiques in class. Yet again, epic fail here, haven't taken any pictures. It's usually cold, windy, poor light... I know, excuses! Anyway, this Spring will be an interesting transition. While I usually pair my skirts and dresses with cardi's, I will have to find a short sleeved substitute as warm weather approaches. It will be a whole new sort of adventure now! I hope I can transition flawlessly, or at least with some grace - XO.

Cardigan-Old Navy (one of my faves!) Skirt- Forever 21 Shoes and Earrings- thrifted vintage


  1. that card is very sweet :) how old is your daughter? I have 3 1,5 & 10

    (and that caridgan is great!)

  2. Thanks Jessi. My daughter is 6, and I thought I had my hands full!



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