Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Halloween

So sad it has passed so quickly, it is my favorite holiday after all! We had a lot of fun though, for breakfast I made "Bloody Eggs and Coffin Toasts". Then we started cleaning out the pumpkins. Which was a huge mess, Celeste was covered in orange goop! She made a Jack-o-lantern face on her pumpkin, I attempted a spooky tree, and D. used the stencil to make a scarecrow....we lost both our carving knives though, snapped clean off, I guess its their way of making sure you buy a carving kit next year!

And of course, my miss Celeste was simply lovely as a snow princess! She was so cute when she was trick-or-treating, she kept saying "I loved that house" everytime we left a house. There were a couple that scared her and she clung to my leg "mommy, come with me". She got three whole candy bars, and filled up her little pumpkin bucket in an hour. Then we went home and passed out candy and watched scary movies. All in all it was a nice evening, not bitter cold, and we had a great time!

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