Friday, July 8, 2011

Seattle Days Five and Six

I've been unplugged this week. I haven't even turned on my computer since my last post. I didn't want to be. I had so many good intentions, so many plans. But every day I have been plagued by these miserable afternoon headaches that have me curled up on my couch until bed time. I'm baffled. I think maybe it's a combination of the heat and not drinking enough water. I have been making an effort to drink more water these past couple days, and the headaches seem less severe. So I guess I need to be on a hydration mission!
Hello Cupcake

So the last two days of the Seattle vacation are here. Sad. Even though I'm long since gone away, it has been fun reliving it here on the blog.




On the fifth day we went into Tacoma. On purpose this time. I wanted to visit this thrifty vintage boutique I had read reviews online about, called Urban Exchange. Turns out they're closed on Saturdays. Boo. So we decided to walk around and check out what else was in the neighborhood, and lo and behold, we came across another cupcake shop! This one was called Hello Cupcake. I've decided cupcake shops are like the best places evah! They are so cute, they smell absolutely decadent and the people are always happy. With cupcakes, how could you not be?

Hello Cupcake


After our cupcakes and boutique browsing we walked back to the car to discover Tacoma had left me a lovely parking ticket. I guess they have these parking box things, new to me, that are hidden behind trees, and you find one, pay, and put a sticker in your window. I'm so used to meters, that when I didn't see one, only a two hour limit sign, I thought it was free to park for two hours. Life in a big city I guess! We drove around to visit some more shops. And this time when I went to park a guy on the street said that on one side of the street you have to back your car into the space or you get a ticket. Weird! Glad he was there though, or I could have left Tacoma with two parking tickets that day!
After Tacoma Crystal showed me around the gigantic mall they have there. I had her try some bubble tea, but she wasn't to sure. I was hooked the first time I ever tried bubble tea, so I don't think she'll be having it again. Chewing a beverage is just too much for some people!


On Day six, our last day, we visited a couple thrift stores in Crystal's area, and we also drove to another Scrapbook store. We ate lunch at a place called Panera, which we don't have here, but I gather a lot of places do! It was really good, and I love how they had a plastic, trash, and compost section at every disposal place in the restaurant. Later Crystal made homemade lasagna and I made a berry cobbler for desert. We said our goodbyes and have been missing each other since. Can't wait until we can get together again, it was so much fun to just hang out and do things with my BFF again.

Me and Crystal

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