Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Keeping it Cool

Where have I been? Wish I could say somewhere fantastic. But no, just being me, at home, out with family, just living life. And its left me in an incredibly lazy state. I really need to get back on track to being my organized energetic self, but shes lost right now. It's like riding a bike, right? I hope so, because I have a little soon to be seven year olds birthday to plan!
This weeks project Monday is "keeping it cool," the hot weather is everywhere right now. I don't know about you, but I step foot into the heat and I just want to go back inside and take a nap. Wake me when the sun dips down. But there are a few things I've been doing to try and beat the heat. Cool beverages to start. A glass of raspberry lemonade, or some malibu and pineapple, and of course my favorite, bubble tea. I also change into shorts or a dress after work. Wearing my hair up rather than down also seems to help me keep it cool. How about you, what are you doing to beat the heat?
Bubble tea

Hair up

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