Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Project Monday-Magic Hour

This weeks prompt was to take some photos of your favorite time in a summer day. I actually have two. The twilight hours. Those hours in the day when we are still teetering between light and dark, the gorgeous glowing hours where the sun is rising or setting. I love those times in the day. And in the summer, the twilight hours seem to stretch on and on. There is something truly magical about that time. Almost like the world pauses.
Yesterday was my "holiday" for the Fourth of July. So I had a rare opportunity to enjoy the morning hours. I usually sleep in on the weekends, there is no rousing me out of bed before 9 a.m. on a Saturday or Sunday! So it was nice to sit out in my backyard, enjoy a warm cup of coffee, water my garden, and watch the sun come up. And then of course retreat back into my air conditioned home as it heats up.




We adopted a new doggy last week. So he's kept me pretty busy. He was a stray. He is a Siberian Husky and we named him Lycan. He is a sweetheart, very inquisitive and playful. They think he may have been stray for a bit, he is pretty skinny for a husky. Since he is very smart and an escape artist (as most huskies are) I have to be outside with him almost always! Hopefully he will feel more at home with us shortly and won't feel the itch to escape. We took him and Penny on a walk together and it was tough! He's a good walker, but Penny is so hyper, and she is constantly pulling and wants to run up and bark at other dogs in the neighborhood (and there are A LOT).
Maybe he will teach her by example. He has already taught her to chew a bone. Before Penny would just take the bone and bury it in the yard, but when she saw Lycan chewing his bone, she gave it a try too.

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