Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some Minor Hiccups

I've been an incredible slacker here lately, I was getting good at updating consistently (for about a week ;), then I went on vacation, and now my excuse is a total lack of proper time management. It has been in the upper 90's to 100's here and well I feel like I lose all motivation after work. I love to share updated photos in my posts, but my computer is hassling me (hiccup #1) and I have to reinstall the program, but when I'm on the computer I only feel like being online! Then there was the lovely bathroom incident which has led into an unexpected project (hiccup #2). We are hanging shelves,pretty much everywhere, and one I got a great deal on, a chrome train-rack style is what the box says, I was so-so on the idea, thought it was big, but when the price dropped from $40 to $10 I picked it up. So we took down the towel rack above the toilet (where I wanted the shelf) filled in the holes and held it on the wall so I could  find it's proper place. "Nope" I say, "it's too much for this wall, put it on the opposite wall" So we do. We take down the other towel rack, fill in the holes, drill holes for the new rack and hang it. I come into the bathroom. Ughh, I hate it, it is far too large for our small bathroom, take it down! And now we are left with no towel racks and lots of holes, time for the wainscoting I hadn't thought of going forward with anytime soon. And no more towel racks, just hooks!

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