Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry & Bright

Oh what a wonderful holiday, I hope everyone enjoyed time with their loved ones! On Christmas Eve Celeste was celebrating at her dad's. I went to my Grandma Miriam's and enjoyed some homemade manacotti... it was just like I remembered from when I was a kid, Grandma would come and visit from California nearly every year around Christmas, and she would spend all day making her delicious homemade italian marinara sauce.
On Christmas day Celeste couldn't sleep (just like a kid!) and was up at around 3:30 a.m., asking if Santa had come yet. I told her yes, so she rushed out to see what Santa brought her. She opened her presents, saw her bike, exclaiming "Santa brought me the bike from  mom's office!" She had accidently discovered it a month prior, we hoped she'd forget, but I guess not! She went back to bed after that, and opened the rest of the presents when we all woke back up at 8.
She is very happy with all her gifts, planning when she will wear certain outfits, alternating playing with all of her new toys, trying to sneak bike rides in the living room. Unfortunately there is still too much iced over snow to take her to the park :(
Well, my dinner is almost done, so I better get to it, I will try to post some pics later-XO

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