Saturday, February 9, 2013

Major Things Considered

So this semester marks my last class, Portfolio, in which I need to create my brand and personal portfolio of 8-12 of my best works. Easy. I thought. I was planning on keeping with my typography self portrait as my "brand". You can see my business card with it here. But now I am up in the air about it. Perhaps it's because I am used to it, so it seems old and tired to me. I am also thinking it may be a little busy looking as well.
Nevertheless, the thought of branding myself is becoming overwhelming. I like so many styles and designs, it's hard to pin point myself to one. I would also like to expand on the number of non-school projects for my portfolio. I have a couple, but I'd like to design a couple more. All this thought into creatively portraying myself is complicated, and I feel the need to perfect it. Soon enough.
I always like sharing some photos, though totally unrelated to the post, enjoy!


It's raining!




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  1. I understand the overwhelming feeling of branding yourself. As a creative spirit your interests are many and ever changing. You fear locking yourself into one identity. Your work is amazing. I enjoy reading your blog. Whatever you decide will be great!



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