Saturday, November 10, 2012


How about an update? Generally, it's safe to assume that my posts become minimal because I am oh so busy with school. And while that is most certainly the case at this moment, there are also various other life circumstances at play here as well. I'm not one for divulging the nitty gritty dramatic events of my life. So I will just say that Daved is no longer my boyfriend. And it was not sad, it was for the best.
Things have been going well for me. I've been struggling at school to learn my weakest areas, Flash and Web Design. It's a process, but I am slowly grasping the concepts of coding and design in these programs. My first projects are embarrassing epic failures, so I will decline to share these here. But I am oh so determined to make something cool on these second assignments. Hope to be sharing soon. I also realize I am totally lacking in any of my past design work, so I want to get that up in the future too.
And my black and white photography. I haven't shared any of it! I took best in show at the student art show this year and I never shared!? Too busy I guess. I have been working as a lab tech in the darkroom this semester, and it's been great fun. I enjoy it immensely. There is something so relaxing about the darkroom, and I just love the grainy black and white shots I make.
My digital camera has been collecting a little dust, but I do have some instagram shots from Halloween I wanted to post today. Enjoy.

Celeste was Clawdeen Wolf from Monster High this year. I think the dark colored hair makes her look like her mama.
The cat and the wolf
A shot of her and I together before trick or treating.
I dressed up like a kitty cat. Merely because I could not work in my "real" costume. I made the ears that morning out felt, glue and electrical tape. Last minute for sure.
And for my real costume, the new beau and I were the classiest westerners around.
and our pumpkins!
@sinfulskinchris and Celeste carved up some spooky pumpkins last night!

Anyways, sorry again about all the IG pictures. Until next time. XO. -K.

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