Monday, July 23, 2012

July Birch Box Review


So, it feels like it took forever for my July Birchbox to come in. But it was the 10 days from shipment. I was getting pretty ancy, since two other ladies in my circle got theirs first! But now that I've had a chance to try all my goodies, I'd love to share my reviews....


For the month of July Birchbox teamed up with Glamour to create a box about the five senses.
For my "see it" samples I received boscia green tea blotting linens and Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner. I love the opportunity to try all natural products, so I was really excited about the blotting linens. They work well, and I find it and extremely useful addition to my purse! The are a semi-translucent brown paper, so it makes the oil absorption difficult to witness, but if you hold them up to the light just right, you can see they've done their job. I also prefer these to powdering my face throughout the day, less time consuming and less makeup caking by the end of the day. The Eyeko eyeliner makes the box! I use black liquid eyeliner everyday, I love me some cat eye. I had no idea it came in pen form. It turns out, this is a much easier application method for me. It also does not clump up my eyelashes like the liner brush and pot I usually use do. I received a full size liner in this months box, thats a $15 value!


For my "hear it" sample I received a set of neon pink and green headphones. For my "taste it" sample I received a Larabar. It was bananas foster flavor and oh so yummy. I am currently doing a cleanse, which is sugar free, gluten free, etc. but I was still able to eat this bar without it ruining my cleanse, so it's good healthy stuff that is oh so yummy! My "smell it" sample was a vial of Oscar de la Renta live in love perfume. This scent is a little heavier and mature than what I usually go for, I may be passing this one along to someone else. And finally, for my "touch it" sample I received the tiniest smidge of Jouer luminizing moisture tint. I feel slightly offended that I should be able to adequately sample a moisturizer that comes in a tube smaller than my pinky finger. But I tried it. It's tint is not even enough coverage to even out the most perfect of skin tones, it pretty much just absorbs into your skin. But the glimmer is very pretty, I would recommend it for the decolletage, shoulders and arms.

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