Friday, July 20, 2012

Baby Put on Heart Shaped Sunglasses, 'cuz We're Gonna Take a Ride

I don't know why, but the summer time just always seems like the perfect time for a road trip. Last year for my vacation I went to see my best friend, Crystal. She relocated to Seattle, Wa. a couple years back. We have been friends since high school, and our daughters are also friends and the same age! Last year Celeste and I flew up to see her. But this year, plane tickets were most definitely way too costly. So I put on my heart shaped sun glasses and we took a little ride.
I just love seeing new places. I love seeing how other cities live, how different their environments are from mine. I love the exploration, the sense of adventure. And most of the time I leave super jealous, because my city lacks what I am looking for in life. Maybe thats why we fell in love with Portland. Crystal was determined to convince me to move to Seattle. Trust me I don't need convincing. But then I met Portland. And my heart sang.
But that story is for another day, for now, I leave you some pictures from our drive up from Reno to Portland, the first leg of our road trip to Seattle.
pretties from today
#oregon little town #latergram
#latergram #oregon

And here's some from our trip back home...

Pit stop #oregon #roadtrip #latergram

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