Thursday, March 29, 2012


*this post started February 7th... 
Just wanted to stop in for a minute to share my preliminary work for my business card design. I need to get used to my new school schedule. I'm juggling it, but I feel very disorganized and I am severely lacking sleep.
This first design is a style I'm a fan of. It got mixed reviews. It basically breaks all the design "rules" so my classmates were not very fond of it. There's no hierarchy, margin or leading. Oh no! But I like it. And my instructor liked it. If I went into my portfolio class with this business card newer designers might like that I chose to pursue this concept, he said. But old school designers may not be a fan of it. So I tested it on my old school instructor. He said it looked like a junky magazine cover!
*this post finished March 29th
Yikes! What a gap. I started writing this post to share my preliminary work, but I ran into problems uploading with Flikr, so off to the back burner it went. My business cards are done and printed, and I would have a picture of the finished product, but my camera died. I have been so into my film camera, that my digital has been in it's bag since December! Today I at least have my preliminary designs. I decided to print the second design.

Business card 2

Business card front

Business card 1-back

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