Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lemonade Stand- Before an After

Celeste's lemonade party all started with a lemonade stand. She wanted to have a lemonade stand and sell glasses of lemonade for $5. Such a little entrepreneur. Well, I thought it would be cute to build it for her birthday party. Ta da, here is what we came up with....
Lemonade Stand, after

We had been holding onto some of these extra wine crates from our kitchen shelving project, and I also picked up a couple broken ones from work that were going to be thrown away.  I painted it with some home interior paint, flat, of course, my favorite! Then, I had Celeste paint the letters and the price, she also added her own touch with little hearts.
Lemonade Stand, before

I will be sharing some pictures from her birthday soon, but I don't have many, I spaced taking pictures pretty much the entire party. Darn being a hostess!

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