Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coming Along

We've been working on getting our laundry room together all weekend, and it's almost done! It's not really a laundry room per say, rather a closet turned into a laundry "space". It's wider than a washing machine, but not wide enough to fit a dryer next to it. It's plumbed and vented, but lacked the 220v plug for a dryer. So, since we lacked funds for an electrician and stacking washer and dryer, we have been carting our cold wet laundry across the house and into the garage.
And not anymore! We have electricity, the stacking washer and dryer, and we have knocked out a section of wall to make the most of our laundry space. We painted it this awesome turquoise that I absolutely adore. Just some finishing touches to go over and I will be sharing my transformation pics, because I'm sure the before and after photo is far more entertaining than my story! -XO

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